Scholarship application

Remember, even though we aren’t having a Festival, there will be a scholarship in 2017. Details coming soon! Scholarship as usual 2018 as well.

2015 Festival Scholarship Recipients

We are pleased to announce that the following Conway Students were recipients of the 2015 (awarded in 2016) Conway Festival of the Hills Scholarships

  • Katelyn Barnicle
  • Cameron Blair
  • Katherine Burke
  • Caitlin Burnett
  • Isabelle Contois
  • Dylan Landry
  • Winter LeBlanc
  • Katherine Alicia Marquez
  • Henry Mulvey
  • Nathan Patterson
  • Madeleine Perreault
  • Victoria Trombley

A total of $9700 was awarded to 12 students, representing 3 different schools. Scholarships are available to all graduating high school seniors from Conway who submit complete applications, regardless of post-graduation plans. Primary consideration is given to a student’s community/school involvement, academic standings and work history. Applications are in the Forms and Downloads page on the Town Website.

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