Road Race

Racers set out from the Burkeville Covered Bridge on a bright sunny morning

2023 Covered Bridge Classic

Sunday, October 1, 2023

All proceeds from the Festival go to support
scholarships for graduating Conway seniors.

2023 Race Results

Covered Bridge Classic 10 K Road Race – Sunday, October 1, 2023

1Nugent, Lukemale 19-3939:57.2136:26.6
2Staples, Markmale 50-5940:18.11086:30.0
3Ritter, Grantmale 40-4940:45.91036:34.5
4Berman, Noahmale 19-3941:27.7716:41.2
5Williams, Taylormale 19-3942:40.41136:53.0
6Salinas, Baldomeromale 19-3944:13.62227:08.0
7Nawskon, Danielmale 19-3944:34.5977:11.4
8Macdonald, Bridgetfemale 40-4946:24.1897:29.1
9Ferro, Benmale 40-4946:30.12217:30.0
10Paes, Andersonmale 19-3947:08.1997:36.1
11Boyden, Patrickmale 19-3947:08.697:36.2
12Pete, Huntermale 0-1847:15.61017:37.4
13Boyden, Ronmale 50-5947:26.9747:39.2
14Williams, Brianmale 50-5948:04.11157:45.2
15Lustberg, Ryanmale 19-3948:06.01177:45.5
16Sabonis, Tonymale 40-4948:18.81047:47.6
17Reino, Joellenfemale 60-6948:35.11027:50.2
18Pezzati, Patrickmale 60-6948:43.52197:51.5
19Schimmel, Jenniferfemale 40-4949:11.667:56.1
20Millner, Lizfemale 19-3950:17.02188:06.6
21Johnson, Alexandermale 50-5950:23.4888:07.6
22Pete, Billmale 50-5950:25.31008:08.0
23Howard, Genemale 19-3950:27.8868:08.4
24Farmer, Brianmale 40-4951:16.2808:16.2
25Bowse, Amyfemale 50-5951:20.2738:16.8
26Haley, Brianmale 50-5953:04.588:33.6
27Desgres, Cinnamonfemale 50-5953:10.5788:34.6
28Baecher, Emilyfemale 19-3953:30.62258:37.8
29Habel, Sandrafemale 60-6953:53.1108:41.5
30Ouimette, Kendrafemale 19-3954:35.9118:48.4
31Murphy, Mikemale 70-9954:43.2958:49.5
32Fermann, Justinmale 50-5955:08.5838:53.6
33York, Jenniferfemale 40-4955:52.01199:00.6
34Hmieleski, Graymale 0-1857:13.51189:13.8
35Dekoschak, Michaelmale 50-5957:17.8779:14.5
36Naser, Willmale 50-5957:19.1969:14.7
37Zalenski, Jillianfemale 19-3957:19.91169:14.8
38Billings, Markmale 60-6957:52.4729:20.1
39Hedlund, Keithmale 50-5957:59.5859:21.2
40Boyden, SamanthAfemale 19-3958:13.759:23.5
41Tanner, Markmale 50-5958:53.11119:29.9
42Tanner, Sarahfemale 50-591:00:12.31109:42.6
43Putnam, Johannafemale 19-391:00:24.82209:44.6
44Farrick, Jamesmale 60-691:00:43.1819:47.6
45Hohreites, Vincentmale 40-491:00:49.0129:48.5
46Jessup, Chanelfemale 19-391:00:53.5879:49.3
47Boschen, Jonathanmale 19-391:01:11.01209:52.1
48Duffy, Mikemale 70-991:01:19.0799:53.4
49Feeney, Francismale 60-691:02:12.28210:02.0
50Vassar, Stephaniefemale 19-391:02:51.122410:08.2
51Miner, Sarahfemale 19-391:03:27.222310:14.1
52Mailloux, Finnmale 0-181:03:32.89010:15.0
53Schatz, Colemanmale 0-181:03:33.910510:15.1
54Schneider, Sophiafemale 0-181:03:46.910610:17.2
55Gilder, Georgemale 70-991:04:20.7710:22.7
56Buckley, Maryfemale 50-591:05:00.97510:29.2
57Moore, Tommale 50-591:05:11.99410:30.9
58McIntyre, Jodifemale 50-591:05:42.99310:35.9
59Van Dyke, Annfemale 60-691:06:24.111210:42.6
60Marx, Carl Richardfemale 40-491:06:36.19110:44.5
61Cameron, Joanfemale 50-591:07:01.11410:48.6
62Barlow, Michaelmale 50-591:07:58.87010:57.9
63McDonald, Marykatefemale 50-591:11:06.29211:28.1
64Choate, Jackiefemale 70-991:11:23.27611:30.8
65Williams, Katherinefemale 50-591:19:06.611412:45.6
66Halpern, Carlafemale 50-591:21:09.28413:05.3

About the Race

This year’s race was part of the 2023 SMAC Race Series.

Date: Sunday, October 1, 2023

Start time: 10:00 AM

Note: Start/Finish are in different locations.

Course description: The 10 K is a challenging point to point course with pavement and dirt. The course starts at the Covered Bridge and ends in Conway’s town Center (Elm St. in front of the Field Memorial Library). Once on Reeds Bridge Road, the course takes a lollypop out-and-back route to the finish. See route below, or see a detailed map and elevation profile on Garmin Connect.

Registration Fee: Adult $30; Child of a registered parent $5. Pre-reg at RunReg.

Parking & Registration: Parking is on Elm Street, approximately 0.1 miles from Library—signs will direct you. Proceed to the registration table in front of the Library to pick up your bib number (for pre-registered). Day-of registration is available from 8:45 to 9:40.
It is nearly a 1 mile walk (warm-up/cool down) from registration to race start line. Walk up Rt 116 from the finish area to get to the start.

Water Tables: Located at 2.75, 4.0 and Finish.

Since Start/ Finish are not in same location, if you wish for a backpack to be transported from Start area to Finish line then a pick-up truck will be available to do so at the Start. This will allow ability to remove any clothing (extra, warm, dry etc) at the start that you don’t intend to run in or send any items (water bottle, food etc) from the Start to be retrieved at the Finish.

Map of the Race Course:

Thanks to our 2023 Race Sponsors